How to join the supply queue

1. The 'Queue to Supply/Redeem' button becomes active when the fundraising goal of the pool is reached and becomes inactive when the pool is closed. Clicking on the active button will open the next popup window. Currently, only the Supply/Redeem queue for the senior pool is open.

2. To use the Supply queue, you need to set the approval limit of the wallet you have connected. By clicking the 'Approve' button in the popup window, the 'Set Approval Limit' popup window will be activated from the connected wallet. You can enter the approval limit directly or click the 'Use Default (set by ELYFI contract)' button to enter the approval limit in the input field. Then click the next button to go to the final approval popup window. After confirming the approval limit, clicking the 'Approve' button will switch to the Supply tab of the 'Senior Queue' popup window after a few seconds.

3. In the Supply tab of the 'Senior Queue' popup window, enter the amount of USDT you want to spend to purchase the desired amount of SNT. The maximum supply waiting amount is min[amount to be purchased, (approval limit-used amount)]. Since you can only have one waiting request with one wallet at a time, any previous waiting request will be automatically canceled and reflected as a new waiting request if there is one. (Input is possible up to 18 decimal places.)

4. After entering the amount, the 'Queue to Supply' button will be activated, and clicking the button will activate the popup window from the connected wallet. After final approval in the activated popup window, the transaction will be executed.

5. After approval, you can check whether the waiting request is reflected in the 'Supply/Redeem Queue' on the detailed page. If the waiting request does not appear on the 'Supply/Redeem Queue' immediately after approval or if the amount is different, it means that all or part of the transaction has been executed, so you can check it in your wallet balance.

*Note: If the wallet balance is lower than the waiting request amount, the waiting request may be canceled due to 'Insufficient' status. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.

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