ELYFI V2 UserGuide
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How to supply

1. The 'Supply' button is activated during the Funding stage which is when the pool is raising funds. When you click the Active 'Supply' button, the pop-up window of the connected wallet is activated.
2. To Supply on ELYFI, you need to first set the approval limit of the connected wallet. Clicking the 'Approve' button on the pop-up window will activate the 'Set Approval Limit' pop-up window in the connected wallet. Enter the approval limit directly or click the 'Use Default' (set by ELYFI contract) button to enter the approval limit in the input field. Then, click the 'Next' button to move to the final approval pop-up window. After confirming the approval limit, click the 'Approve' button. A few seconds later, the popup window will switch to the 'Supply' popup window on the ELYFI site.
*You can only Supply up to the set limit, and if you have an approval limit, you do not need to go through the additional Approve procedure within that amount. However, if the approval limit is depleted and the available limit becomes 0, the Approve pop-up window will be activated again. Also, if you want to modify the approval limit separately, you need to go to the Block Explorer of the corresponding network and set it directly. Therefore, it is recommended to set a sufficient amount when you first start. *Please note that the approval limit UX may differ for different wallets.
3. In the 'Supply' pop-up window, enter the amount of USDT you want to spend to purchase SNT and enter the total amount you want to buy. At this time, the available supply quantity is min [wallet balance, pool liquidity suppliable size, (approval limit-amount used)]. (Input up to 18 decimal places is possible.)
4. After entering the amount, the 'Supply' button becomes active, and clicking on the button will activate the MetaMask pop-up window. After final confirmation in the pop-up window, a transaction will be created.
5. After approval, you can check the SNT amount on the Dash Board or in the connected wallet.